Jakub Jankowski Jakub Jankowski

Adelaide based composer Jakub Jankowski holds a Bachelor of music with Honours in composition from the Elder Conservatorium. He began his musical education on the classical guitar before moving on to the cello as a teenager. Jakub's music has been performed at a number of festivals and concert series including the Adel...

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David John Lang David John Lang

David John Lang is an Australian composer living in Adelaide. He aims to create art that is inventive, thoughtful and heartfelt. His music often reflects his love of storytelling, whimsical sense of humour and instinct for drama. Many different ensembles and artists have performed David’s music, including the Adelaide ...

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Emily Tulloch Emily Tulloch

Emily Tulloch is a South Australian musician working as a violinist, composer-arranger, educator and arts worker, with a passion for the creation, presentation and promotion of contemporary music in Adelaide, Australia and beyond. Emily has been a member of Zephyr Quartet since 2005, and with the ensemble has created c...

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