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CASTING BRIEF [Selections from Romeo and Juliet]

On Sunday July 3 in the Adelaide Town Hall, the Adelaide Youth Orchestra (AdYO) will present selections from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet. We are on the lookout for actors aged 18 – 24 to play the roles of Romeo, Juliet, Nurse, and Lady Capulet/Paris (an actor will double as these two roles). Our four actors will then perform scenes/monologues as interludes, creating a truly unique concert experience.


Character Breakdown

We strongly encourage young emerging actors aged 18 – 24 years of all ethnicities, all genders and gender expressions, and all bodies to audition and register their interest for any of the above roles. Any and all experience levels and abilities are welcome.


The son of Lord and Lady Montague, and his family has long been feuding with the Capulets. Romeo is intelligent and impulsive, and is a close (and devoted) friend of his cousin Benvolio, Mercutio, and Friar Laurence. Romeo falls quickly in love with Juliet and they marry the next day.


The daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, and her family has long been feuding with the Montagues. Juliet is close to the Nurse, her caretakes and sometimes confidant. Juliet is intelligent, brave, witty, and expresses complex emotions / thoughts while feeling and thinking them.


Juliet’s secondary mother figure, who wants Juliet’s true happiness.

Lady Capulet (actor will double as Paris)

Mother of Juliet. When faced with Juliet’s plea for help in not being forced into an arranged marriage, Lady Capulet chooses to abandon her.

Paris (actor will double as Lady Capulet)

Juliet’s wealthy suitor. 


Scenes (subject to change) included in the performance

1. A Room in Capulet’s House. Nurse, Juliet (and lady Capulet)

2. Romeo and Juliet meet at the party (into the Balcony scene)

3. Juliet’s chamber (her death) and Romeo’s death (including Romeo killing Paris)


Rehearsal Schedule (Draft)

Sunday 10 April: Meet and Greet with everyone (TBC)

School Holidays: one-on-ones with Director(s) to work through scenes as required

Monday evenings from 9 May – 20 June, rehearsals as required

Saturday 25 June, 11am – 4pm rehearsal with Orchestra

Monday 27 June – as needed (evening)

Saturday 2 July – as needed (morning)

Sunday 3 July 12pm – 6pm (3pm performance) in the Adelaide Town Hall


Casting Requirements

  • Must be 18 years old (and no older than 24 years) as of 1 April 2022. This is due to AdYO’s membership-based requirements providing opportunities for young people aged 8 – 24 years.
  • This is a non-union community opportunity; however, an honorarium payment will be offered to all actors cast for the performance.
  • Due to AdYO’s COVID staff/volunteer policy (and the rehearsal venue requirements), all actors would need to be double vaccinated.
  • Must be available for rehearsals as per the above schedule.


Audition Submissions

  1. Actors to choose one minute of dialogue from a Shakespearean monologue of your choice (does not have to be from Romeo and Juliet).
  2. Record yourself performing your one-minute monologue direct to camera against a neutral background. Make sure you check sound and lighting levels before you record.
  3. Upload your video to a sharing platform (such as dropbox or equivalent) or post to YouTube (mark as private), and then send the link along with your acting resume (or introduction about yourself) to
  4. Shortlisted actors may be asked to participate in a group workshop in March.
  5. Audition submissions close 5pm on 7 March, 2022.
  6. Any questions or guidance, please feel free to email

There are no position currently advertised, please check here, or follow us on our Facebook page, for any future updates.