Department of Education Partnership

Adelaide Youth Orchestras (AdYO) has partnered with the Department for Education and are proud to offer support of both classroom and instrumental music programs, alongside Musica Viva and other organisations.  We have developed a strong partnership with Instrumental Music (IM), working towards a common goal of providing quality music experiences and education. Whilst AdYO is not a provider of instrumental lessons, we work with the Department for Education instrumental teachers in facilitating musical pathways. Concurrently working with IM, AdYO can provide performances in schools and initiate that ‘first spark’ of interest in students to start learning an instrument and then assist in supporting the school to liaise with IM for future development and student opportunities.
The Department of Education’s Music programs provide opportunities to enhance student learning, achievement and performance in music and arts education.  The incorporations of music in curriculum have been shown to increase attendance, enable participation and build social inclusion for students who aren’t necessarily performing well in the general curriculum. The addition of Instrumental Music in schools compliments the classroom music program by providing knowledge and skills in practical music making on an instrument or voice. 
 Instrumental music tuition can be accessed by department schools by contacting Music Programs (08 8226 1883) or emailing and completing necessary requests and paperwork.

Collaborations with Instrumental Music

Although Adelaide Youth Orchestras recognises the importance of establishing relationships with schools that do not have music programs, we have made an increased effort to visit schools that have developing and existing programs with enthusiastic teachers and leadership, to support their implementation.  We are therefore responding to classroom and IM music teachers requests for AdYO incursions and not only providing suitable performances for their school culture and programs, but also workshop and playing opportunities to nurture existing music students. 


Incursions & Excursions

Supported by the Department for Education and James and Diana Ramsay Foundation, AdYO incursions enable our ensembles to present interactive concerts and workshops in your school to inspire students to engage with music participation.  The ensembles available for incursion are the Adelaide Youth Strings, a 55-piece string ensemble lead by Martin Butler (OAM), Adelaide Junior Winds, a 40 piece wind and brass ensemble lead by Sarah Byron and our 4 and 5-piece chamber ensembles lead by Artistic Director Keith Crellin (OAM). There is no cost for Category 1 – 4 DECS Schools.  Category 5-7 DECS and Independent Schools fee are by negotiation. Schools wishing to access these programs can contact Education Coordinator, Georgia Gamble via email

Development & Opportunities  Adelaide Youth Orchestra’s does not simply offer 1 incursion per school.  We are more than happy to return periodically and build ongoing relationships with schools, their staff, and students.  The ensemble which is sent to the school is also tailored to the suitability of the school and intended audience and can be either an interactive performance or a workshop / collaboration with your school members.  AdYO are proud to offer a range of ensembles of varied instruments including Brass, Strings and Woodwind.  These groups are diverse enough to work with any combination of instruments to help inspire your own ensembles and programs.


SACE Stage 2 Subject Stage 2 Music Performance –Ensemble is a SACE 10-credit subject, in which Year 12 students or accelerated students can complete. The subject encompasses 3 assessments where the student will perform on one or more instruments in their ensemble as well as complete written work.  The relevant ensemble can either be a school-based ensemble or co-curricular, incorporating both chamber and large ensembles, meaning any of the Adelaide Youth Orchestras are eligible, including Adelaide Youth Orchestra and Adelaide Wind Orchestra.